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Who We Are

With the word superior as our company name, it should only mean one thing throughout the whole process of working with us. Superior. I chose this word not only as a company name but a core value for the company. I take pride in my work as do my employees. When I decided to start this company I wanted to stop compromising my quality of work for the thought of just getting the job done so we could move on to the next tomorrow. I didn't like thinking of each job as a number or even thinking of me as a number in a company. So I took a leap of faith to make my own company that not only puts the customers wants, needs, and values first. But also the employees. When you choose Superior Construction, you are not seen as a number. You are seen as person in need of our services and our goal is to make sure you are happy when we leave.

- Mitch Jendro (CEO)

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